About Us

Our mission involves the search for a common platform for different styles of non-commercial music, e.g. contemporary, jazz, improvised and traditional. There are elements which seem to distinguish and contrast these styles: audiences, scenes…. Many of these differences emerge from different social conditions or educational systems, nevertheless, the music itself, though in different stylistic shadings, has often a common pulsation. Then it’s coming back to music’s original standing – a means of human communication and a bond with the world of beauty and the ideal. We believe that people deeply need such music. All our projects, in various ways, refer to the idea of combining these musical styles. Our endeavour for synthesis sometimes goes even further. Since the dimension of synthesis in art is central to our projects, we often marry music with theatre, visual arts, digital sound techniques, dance…. Our projects give often a significant place to participants, who, although not professional musicians, can learn or discover hidden improvisation skills. Defining music as a form of communication can imply giving a word to listeners. The grammar of musical language is getting less enigmatical then and helps to develop individual expression.

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